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MJ TheArtMovement_Dock_PigmentPrintOnHannemuhleArchivalPaper_150x75cm_60 x 30 inches GBP22


American surf and beach photographer

MacKinnon grew up mostly in So. California, and holds a BA in Visual Arts from the University of California in San Diego. He has an attachment to the Surf Beach culture from the 70's thru the 2000's, at which time he moved to New York City to further his photographic career.  After his career in commercial and advertising photography, and positions on the board of Advertising Photographers of America in New York, Mark shifted into creating work for fine art exhibitions. As a skilled digital technician, and traditional photographer his work emerged into the art of storytelling through multiple compositions of his original imagery.​While recognising that the stillness of the landscape holds a special power to be captured on film, MacKinnon concentrates on nature, its serene beauty and the calmness that exists in a place. Seeking out those places is the journey and inspiration to making photographs that create a sense of being held, relieving the tensions and stress many of us find in our lives. By reflecting upon the work, the viewer can disassociate themselves with life distractions and immerse themselves into the image.​Mark's studio is in the Hudson Valley 60 miles north of NYC, where he prints the majority of his work. He travels the United States showing his work at multiple juried art festivals throughout the year, and shows his work in several galleries in New York and London. He prints the majority of his work in house to maintain control over the creative process. He also has work printed on Fuji Lightjet UltraHD archival paper that is chemically processed and face mounted to acrylic and framed to achieve a modern contemporary look. Most of the artwork is limited to editions of 25, with a handful of special fine art editions of 10 each.

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