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Oil on canvas

Henry McAlpine (b.1998) is a London-based artist originally from Northumberland. He was surrounded by numerous landscapes during his upbringing, which has inspired his work and made him feel passionate about the natural world and our ongoing relationship with it.


His paintings depict various animals and landscapes that fluctuate between reality and abstraction. The stylised forms that construct each image express how the world around us today is constantly changing form. His work is strongly inspired by older art movements including Futurism and Der Blaue Reiter, whilst exploring modern subjects such as architecture and our developing relationship with technology. As a result, Henry's work shifts between both natural and artificial worlds, distorting our perception of the world around us.


Henry graduated in 2020 with a First-Class Honours Degree in Fine Art from the University of Leeds, eager to learn more traditional drawing and painting techniques shortly after. Since his education, he has found a variety of inspirational subjects all held together by the same fragmented style. His body of work mainly consists of landscapes that include large, distorted clouds, aiming to capture the atmosphere as well as the physical forms building up the space. Henry's work has led him towards numerous private commissions, opportunities assisting professional mural painters on large scale projects in Central London, appearing on the 9th season of Landscape Artist of the Year on Sky Arts and appearing as a finalist in the DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year competition at Mall Galleries. 

Bloom I, 2023, 30cm x 20cm. £625 (1).JPG
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