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Mixed media

Wood studied art and design for three years at Kingston College of Art and Design. Later she graduated from The University of Creative Arts with a BA in Graphic Design.


Artist statement:

Born in ’83, I naturally developed a huge passion for the 80s, especially the ‘New Wave’ pop movement. I find that most of my inspiration and drive for creating art comes from this era. I am an abstract artist and I adore painting my ‘own take’ on various architecture. For some reason (possibly my obsession for Miami Vice and all 80s/90s Americana), I produce numerous American street and beach scenes.

The 1980s is my main, but not my only, inspiration. I am also drawn to the vibrant clutter of European cities and the subtle haunts of the Middle East. My heart belongs to London, leading my wandering paintbrush to unconsciously glide over my canvas; creating her iconic skyline as well as her dark gritty alleys. One of my favourite artists, Kandinsky, significantly influences my work, resulting in the use of bright, bold and energetic colours, forms and shapes; ‘earth tones’ rarely features in my vocabulary. I am also inspired by the works of Hockney, especially his use of crisp lines and angles, partnered with his timeless ability to create playful light dance across his work.

Most of my paintings are created without reference. They depict my mind set at that time. I will often notice shapes, colours and images in my work emerging whilst I paint. These images are usually abstract ‘ghost-like’ forms of objects and sounds that I have seen or heard in the day, as well as being manifestations of my mood and the music that surrounds me as I paint.

I love to push boundaries, break rules and have fun. If I get scared, I roll with it, If I mess up, I work with it, and if there is only one thing that I have learned in my career so far as an artist, it is to never give up on a painting.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 5. Mixed Media on Wood. 12cm x 12cm £125.JPG
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