For people who want to learn how the arts can be used for healing

and finding happiness in their life.  No prior experience necessary.

Each class is designed as a creative exploration into self-expression using techniques and exercises with the arts. Open curiosity and observation is encouraged as participants find their own meaning and these are creatively developed as they bring their 'art experiments' to life.  The aim is to build awareness, to help us better understand our deeper selves and discover what we need for an authentic and happy life.

Our first course begins on September 7th at 10am in Battersea, then weekly. 

Cost £350 for 8 x 80 minute sessions.  Also offered as Family Sessions in your own home for up to 5 people.


Art for Life is a new idea, a creative adventure, designed to bring health and happiness through art.  Following her Advanced Diploma in the Therapeutic and Educational Application of the Applied Arts at The Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education, Milly has created, and will personally deliver, an 8-week programme using visual arts, both as a language and to express emotion.

Art Movement was launched in 1995 by Milly Green as an art dining club.  Milly continually and consciously adapts to suit the climate and believes that this type of exploration, Art for Life, seems more relevant now than ever. 

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Exploring creativity for your health and happiness

1. Exploring art - Discover the art materials we will be using
2. Phenomenology - how to see and paint an image right now in order to build awareness
3. Colours and emotions - Use colours to paint how you feel and to paint a harmonious place
4. Movement and Mapping the body - Draw your body map and find where emotions are in your body
5. Use the imagination to change your life -  How to see an image in a different way and visualise your own paradise
6. Storytelling - Paint a series of your life story and include the people close to you
7. Making puppets - breathing life into your creation using metaphor and play (Bring some old socks!)
8. Empathy & Squiggle drawings - Creating something together and using the arts to communicate

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The arts and using the imagination are a profound way to experience and explore core feelings, gaining personal insight, which can be progressive and healing.

Milly Green, Founder


I don’t think about art when I’m working,
I think about life

JM Basquiat


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