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Art for Life - 6 x Group Art Sessions in Studio

Art for Life - 6 x Group Art Sessions in Studio

A course of 6 x Group Art for Life sessions, 2 hours each, for up to 5 people on Zoom or in the Art Studio.   Price is £190 per person for the course of 6.


Creative sessions in a small group (painting, drawing, ink, collage, words, symbol) to open up curiosity and imagination.  Art for Life sessions are time to relax and immerse yourself in creativity.  The aim is to have fun and learn something new.  The social aspect is essential for us to thrive and be happy!



Contact us for course dates


Art materials are included.

Package includes Cartridge paper (200-220 gsm).   

The use of all art materials provided in the sessions: Pencils, crayons, pastels, pens, charcoal, acrylic/watercolour paints, inks, modelling dough, brushes,  etc

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