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Oil on aluminium / wood

HELEN BROUGH 'Magic' October 2023

​This series of work, entitled “Phantastical Landscapes” began in 2022.   Brough considers the work to be inspired by the post-Impressionist Nouveau Nabi group, who believed that a work of art was not a depiction of nature, but a synthesis of metaphors and symbols created by the artist.  For Brough, this style of landscape painting has as much to do with the internal as the external world.  Over-stylised renditions of scenes are mixed with dream-like imagery hovering between landscape surrealism, abstract mark making and sublime colour combinations.

Brough says "I make work because it is how I become deeply connected to creation.  I feel my way through various series and many things emerge from that process unexpectedly.  The difficulty is accepting that certain works are outside my control, like life, it takes its own course."

Brough graduated from Chelsea School of Art, with a First Class BA degree in Sculpture and an MA in Sculpture in 1990.  Her work has been exhibited extensively since then in galleries and museums in the USA and Europe, where she has also won numerous awards and residencies.

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