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Art Movement was launched by Milly Green as an art consultancy and dining club in 1995.

It's goal was to demystify the process of acquiring a work of art and it did so by creating a fun and relaxed environment in elegant London restaurants, for clients to view the work of talented emerging artists.

Milly also showcased works in her Battersea gallery for over five years but is now adapting once more to suit our new world, with a more flexible, mobile way to look after clients’ art needs - introducing the new Art Movement van!  The business continues to offer an exceptional art-sourcing service - finding the best quality artwork to fit any client’s space and budget.  We can bring the works to view in situ, saving many hours of browsing and legwork.


Art Movement has exhibited at over 150 art fairs worldwide and curated around 500 exhibitions.

2020 sees the return to the original, more personal concept of showcasing an exceptional portfolio of works by a

select group of some of the most talented artists Milly has ever worked with.


"In a world where there is too much choice,
we have spent the past 25 years
focusing on delivering quality
and innovation in art."

Milly Green, Director, 
Art Movement

Milly from the Art Movement has a real talent for quickly understanding the type of work you are looking for and what would work well in a particular space.  I would highly recommend as it's a very friendly, personal service.

I worked with Milly at an art fair last year and it was the best work experience I’ve ever had. Milly brings amazing character and joy to an art world which is oversaturated with deadweight. Milly knows not only how to be a professional art dealer, but also how to bring enjoyment into your life!

My experience of buying works of art from the Art Movement has been extremely gratifying as I have always been dealt with in a very pleasant and professional manner

We have bought a few paintings since 2012 by three of the artists represented by Milly's Art Movement.  We love them.  Milly radiates positivity with a great sense of humour and makes paintings come alive.

Kate Hedge, London

Sasha Romero, New York

Mark Thompson, London

Emmanuelle and Simon

"I have been working with The Art Movement since 2014. Many previously unimaginable possibilities have unfolded as a result of our partnership; new paths and visual ideas have developed through our passionate dialogue and exchange of perspectives. It has been a continuous journey of exciting discoveries. Thanks to Milly's professional knowledge and integrity, insights and enthusiasm, my career as an artist has developed on a trajectory I could not foresee before meeting her. The scale, scope and new array of themes in my current work are a manifestation of this inspiring collaboration "

Alvaro Petritoli, Artist

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