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Ink on paper

After completing a first class honours degree in Humanities at La Sapienza University in Rome, I moved to London where I studied for a second degree in Fine Art at Central St Martin.​Since then, I have been painting professionally for the last 15 years. I constantly experiment with mediums and approaches to create different textures and atmospheres. Colours and marks are often rinsed off or erased to represent a void where microcosms turn into macrocosms and vice versa. To create this network of images and landscape references, I employ a variety of approaches including paper laminating, alternative photographic processes, wax treatment alongside acrylics, oils, watercolour and ink. The latter being my main and foremost painting medium.​Each picture emerges from a continuous process of experimentation, layering and reprocessing. It might take the shape of a misty seascape, an iceberg, a forest or a snowy mountain. What interests me most is that it carries the sense of adventure for the journey done so far and for the possibility of movement towards a new place.
I have been working with The Art Movement since the beginning of 2014. This partnership unfolds many exciting and unimaginable possibilities. The scale, the scope and the new array of themes are the manifestation of this inspiring dialogue and collaboration.

Moon greyscale luminescence, ink on watercolour paper,140x100cm.jpg
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