JUNE 2020


"I have been working with The Art Movement since 2014. Many previously unimaginable possibilities have unfolded as a result of our partnership; new paths and visual ideas have developed through our passionate dialogue and exchange of perspectives. It has been a continuous journey of exciting discoveries. Thanks to Milly's professional knowledge and integrity, insights and enthusiasm, my career as an artist has developed on a trajectory I could not have foreseen before meeting her. The scale, scope and new array of themes in my current work are a manifestation of this inspiring collaboration "

Alvaro Petritoli



JULY 2020

After completing a first class honours degree in Humanities at La Sapienza University in Rome

I moved to London where I studied for a second degree in Fine Art at Central St Martin’s.

Since then, I have been painting professionally for the last 15 years.

I constantly experiment with media and approaches to create different textures and atmospheres. Colours and marks are often rinsed off or erased to represent a void where microcosms turn into macrocosms and vice versa. To create this network of images and landscape references, I employ a variety of approaches including paper laminating, alternative photographic processes, wax treatment alongside acrylics, oils, watercolor and ink, the latter being my main and foremost painting medium.

Each picture emerges from a continuous process of experimentation, layering and reprocessing. It might take the shape of a misty seascape, an iceberg, a forest or a snowy mountain. What interests me most is that it carries the sense of adventure for the journey done so far and for the possibility of movement towards a new place

I have been working with Art Movement since 2014. This partnership has unfolded with many exciting and unimaginable possibilities.  The scale, scope and new array of themes are the manifestation of this inspiring dialogue and collaboration.



Origami Art

Caroline Preston learnt origami in Japan and has a Degree in Fine Art and PGCE in Art and Design. She began her career in art while working as an artist in residence from the age of 18. She has always worked with paper and sculpture.

There have been many highlights throughout her career to date, of note; working for Saatchi and Saatchi folding origami for HSBC’s global advertising campaign; being interviewed by Gaby Roslin on Channel 5 TV’s ‘The Saturday Show’ about the mindfulness art of origami; featuring as an ‘Expert’ with Kirsty Allsopp at The Handmade Fair; working with the Bank of England to produce an origami money tree for their digital Christmas Card; being commissioned to create work for the Royal Caribbean’s cruise ships ‘Symphony of the Seas’ in the presidential suit, and ‘Independence of the Seas’ in the cocktail bar; creating design concepts for MUFG Bank, Virgin Atlantic, Apple Inc, name a few, and collaborating with Baker Furniture for London Design Week.

Caroline says: “my wishes certainly have come true if the legend of 1000 cranes is to be believed!”


Paper Constructions

There is a sense of human vulnerability at the centre of Catlow’s artworks.  They also show his developing interest in the idea of a book and how it works in the memory.
“I have a sketchbook in my mind and I am creating a way to display the way a book contains a myriad of ideas, page after page and layer after layer.  The ideas you cannot see are crucial to the finished artwork, just as much as those you can see when the work is complete.
“The paper constructions are an organised and refined manifestation of work that began in a distinctly chaotic fashion, as a shout of frustration. In the midst of the destruction of old work, drawings particularly, something happened and from negativity, a positive salvage operation began. New work, paintings, drawings and these constructions blossomed out of this period of re-assessment.
“With all my new work a process of distillation lies at its’ heart, stripping back to the fundamentals and carrying them forward, but with a different approach. So with these pieces, the use of graphite and crumpled paper, reflects my continued attachment to the drawn image, the subsequent cutting revealing the white at the heart of the paper, is a re-introduction of line, which acts as a kinetic element in this work.”


Landscape Photography

MacKinnon shoots with Hasselblad and Sony digital cameras and uses editing software that in some cases uses multiple images to create the final artwork.
The images are produced in a very high resolution, printed on 100% cotton matte papers, with archival inks rated to over 100years for archival museum quality. Mackinnon is a master print maker and his work is printed in his studio, limited to 25 per edition.
Shooting commercial photography for 28 years, MacKinnon has submerged himself into a personal direction within his vision of photography. After moving to the Hudson valley several years ago from NYC metro area, and before that California, the landscape became an inspiring force today as it was to the Hudson River painters of a 150 years ago. While recognising that the stillness of the winter landscape holds a special power to be captured on film, MacKinnon realised while doing this work that he means to concentrate on the minimal nature, serene beauty and calmness that exists in a place. Seeking out those places is the journey and inspiration to making photographs that create that sense of calmness that relieves the tensions and stress many find in our lives today. “I choose to photograph the work that exemplifies the calm before the storm. By reflecting upon the work, the viewer can disassociate them self with life distractions and join in the calmness of nature. By studying nature in this form one realises how imperfect mankind is and how we need to recognise what is right in front of us.”


Ink on paper

Bill Butcher is an innovative, award-winning artist and illustrator.
Since graduating, he has carved a unique career in the UK and abroad with his thought provoking illustrations for leading publications and brands including the Financial Times, The Economist, Phaidon Books, Moet Hennessey, LA Weekly and The Wall Street Journal.
Bill has also undertaken several public and private commissions and exhibited widely in both group and solo shows, including at an Art Movement event at Christies.
His aim has always been to make his idea the focus of the image in order to tell a story. Bill begins his process with numerous sketches until he is satisfied with both idea and composition. The final stage of his work is then developed using digital media creating strong graphic lines and colour. The completed image is then produced as a pigment print onto museum quality German Hahnemuhle archival paper.  Each print is numbered and signed by the artist.


Inks and Mixed Media

Alvaro is an inventive artist, constantly experimenting and exploring with inks and mixed media. He has a scientific approach to his work whilst mastering his chosen medium, combined with a powerful imagination.  He may see a landscape and figures in a fragment of an abstract ink composition.   This results in a unique and ever-evolving world of endless possibilities, filled with dreams and fairytales.

The pleasure of drawing, flashes of enlightenments and half forgotten memories find a meeting point in these images often organised in series. Viewers are invited to envisage their own path through this elusive network of symbolic images.

They spontaneously surface from my subconscious but they are also carefully planned in their execution. Each piece emerges from a continuous process of layering, erasure and reprocessing.

The aim has been to evoke something atmospheric and symbolic in nature. Just as life is a continuous process of enquiry and revelation, each individual piece attempts to transmit this into a corporeal form.

Colours and marks are often bleached off to represent a void where microcosms turn into macrocosms and vice versa. To create this network of miniatures and images , I employ a variety of approaches including paper laminating, alternative photographic processes, wax treatment alongside acrylics, oils and watercolour.


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