Landscape Photography

MacKinnon shoots with Hasselblad and Sony digital cameras and uses editing software that in some cases uses multiple images to create the final artwork.
The images are produced in a very high resolution, printed on 100% cotton matte papers, with archival inks rated to over 100years for archival museum quality. Mackinnon is a master print maker and his work is printed in his studio, limited to 25 per edition.
Shooting commercial photography for 28 years, MacKinnon has submerged himself into a personal direction within his vision of photography. After moving to the Hudson valley several years ago from NYC metro area, and before that California, the landscape became an inspiring force today as it was to the Hudson River painters of a 150 years ago. While recognising that the stillness of the winter landscape holds a special power to be captured on film, MacKinnon realised while doing this work that he means to concentrate on the minimal nature, serene beauty and calmness that exists in a place. Seeking out those places is the journey and inspiration to making photographs that create that sense of calmness that relieves the tensions and stress many find in our lives today. “I choose to photograph the work that exemplifies the calm before the storm. By reflecting upon the work, the viewer can disassociate them self with life distractions and join in the calmness of nature. By studying nature in this form one realises how imperfect mankind is and how we need to recognise what is right in front of us.”