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Paper Constructions

There is a sense of human vulnerability at the centre of Catlow’s artworks.  They also show his developing interest in the idea of a book and how it works in the memory.
“I have a sketchbook in my mind and I am creating a way to display the way a book contains a myriad of ideas, page after page and layer after layer.  The ideas you cannot see are crucial to the finished artwork, just as much as those you can see when the work is complete.
“The paper constructions are an organised and refined manifestation of work that began in a distinctly chaotic fashion, as a shout of frustration. In the midst of the destruction of old work, drawings particularly, something happened and from negativity, a positive salvage operation began. New work, paintings, drawings and these constructions blossomed out of this period of re-assessment.
“With all my new work a process of distillation lies at its’ heart, stripping back to the fundamentals and carrying them forward, but with a different approach. So with these pieces, the use of graphite and crumpled paper, reflects my continued attachment to the drawn image, the subsequent cutting revealing the white at the heart of the paper, is a re-introduction of line, which acts as a kinetic element in this work.”