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Moon forest mother of pearl

Moon forest mother of pearl

Ink on watercolour paper, unframed


I paint forests from my imagination.  They are not a representation of specific geographical locations.  However these places exist as a manifestation of inner spaces.  

The forest as a threshold symbol into the unconscious was the conceptual starting point for these ink paintings.  I'm drawn to this archetype loaded with symbolic connotations: a place of loneliness,  healing,  regression, entanglement,  growth and self discovery. 

Many layers of ink are used to represent this complexity of meanings.  The pleasure of drawing, flashes of enlightenments and half forgotten memories find a meeting point in these images often organised in series. Viewers are invited to envisage their own sense of magic through viewing this elusive network of symbolic forests.


The Moon
These paintings of the Moon recite a zen story. 
Its beauty is unreachable  in material terms and yet it's available to anyone who makes the effort to recognise it. The celestial body nearest to Earth remains magnetic and elusive at the same time. The excitement of painting the Moon comes from engaging with its multitude of symbolic values : birth, death,  perpetual renewal,  the dark side of nature.  Which colours describe the moonlight? Its supposed whiteness consists of many colours .
Throughout time and different cultures,  the Moon continues to incite to creative, spiritual,  sexual and prophetic disposition. 

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