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Original limited edition photographs at 25 per size. We print/mount/frame and produce artwork in-house for quality control, and ship artwork. All work is produced with archival inks rated to over 100years, and 100% cotton matte papers. Custom gallery framing techniques, with 1/2” spacers float mounted on aluminum, under museum quality reflection free glass. I shoot with Hasselblad and Sony digital cameras and use editing software that in some cases uses multiple images to create the final artwork.

Artist Statement:

Man’s Influence over the landscape

The degree of good that one gets from the ever present landscape depends on two things. First, the keenness of one’s perception of the beautiful qualities in landscape.

Second, the physical qualities of the landscape itself, qualities which depend largely upon the doings of man, as woodsman, farmer, gardener, builder, or controller of the materials and forces of nature. For the appearance of the land and the objects upon it generally results from the control which man himself exerts over the materials and forces of nature just as truly and as completely as the sculptor controls the appearance of the natural stone which he shapes.

There is not one of us who is not responsible in some degree for making or marring the landscape of our world. Whenever this human control over the land and the objects upon it is influenced by desire to make the resulting landscape more enjoyable than it would otherwise be, an element of artistry enters, which often attains the quality of a Fine Art.

I strive to include the marking of man’s intrusion into the landscape, and how he or his doings relate to the overall picture. I also enjoy a unique perspective in imagery that focuses on objects much as the human brain sees them in isolation. Depth of field vision adds dimension and simplicity. All the better allowing for high key and monochromatic definitions in imagery.


Pebbles & Shells I