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Extraordinary art, since 1995


With nearly 30 years experience in the art world, we are proud to represent our core gallery artists: Alvaro Petritoli, Mark MacKinnon, Caroline Preston and Bill Butcher.  In 2023 we will also exhibit works by Glenn Badham, Izabella Kay, Karina Matheus and Victoria McAlpine at art fairs in UK and USA.


ART FAIRS 2022-23

AAF New York, 22-26 March 2023

AAF Battersea Park, 8-13 March 2023

London Art Fair, Islington, 17-22 January 2023

CONTEXT Art Miami, 29 November-4 December 2022

AAF Battersea Park, 19-23 October 2022

AAF New York, 23-27 March 2022

AAF Battersea Park, 8-13 March 2022

FRAMED Bioluminescence Portrait, ink on watercolour paper, 140cm x100cm.jpg



What is the aim and what do I get out of it?

A time to relax, have time out and immerse yourself in creativity. The aim is to promote happiness and wellbeing by engaging in the art making experience in a small group. 

Painting, drawing, mixed media and words are explored to open up curiosity and imagination. 

Suitable for all ages and no prior art experience necessary.


Sharing and experiencing the arts as part of a group benefits on a different level to doing something alone.  

The medical profession is starting to recognise the health benefits of getting together and engaging with the arts as a social experience.  Whether it's painting in a group, going to a movie, a gig, or joining a choir, the social aspect is essential for us thrive as human beings.   

We offer Art Club Sessions in the Studio or on Zoom.  We also offer individual Therapeutic sessions for Adults or Teens or dyads for Parents and Children



We promote our stable of gallery artists, exhibiting at art fairs worldwide and bring art to view in situ via our bespoke art consultancy service. We advise on choosing the best art for your space, to suit any budget, carefully sourced from our own artists and from other galleries.  We also have an art hanging team, offering a complete art service.

We aim to make art-buying fun!

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framed forest convergence stars blue shadows, ink on watercolour paper, 100x140cm.jpg


Mixed Media

The pleasure of drawing, flashes of enlightenments and half forgotten memories find a meeting point in these images.


American surf and beach photographer

I choose to photograph the work that exemplifies the calm before the storm. By reflecting upon the work, the viewer can disassociate them self with life distractions and join in the calmness of nature.

IzabellaKay_On Happiness 158x135cm Oil on Canvas 2022.jpg


Oil on canvas

Space, time, Illusion, colour and light. These paintings attempt to explore and nurture the mystery and poetry of paint, its infinity and its narrative.

Every painting reflects a tiny fragment of life, of memory and emotion, both spiritually and physically.  Kay’s challenge is to unlock emotions and transform them into bold, geometric, colourful constructions, without losing their emotional charge.


Ink on paper

Bill Butcher is an innovative, award-winning artist and illustrator who has carved out a unique career with his thought provoking illustrations for leading publications and brands including the Financial Times, The Economist, Moet Hennessey, LA Weekly and The Wall Street Journal. Bill has also undertaken several public and private commissions and exhibited widely in both group and solo shows, including at an Art Movement event at Christies.

C_Preston Origami Sept 2021 ©DaveGreen 001 framed_edited.jpg


Origami Art

Origami is known to symbolise peace, love and longevity; butterflies symbolise hope. Legend states that the person who folds one thousand origami cranes will be granted their wish.