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  C-Type Photo 

Tim Scott is a London based professional photographer, first exhibited by Art Movement in 1993 with his early shot of Battersea Power Station and other buildings in his ’Neglect’ series.

Nearly 20 years later, we are intrigued to show what seems to be a vintage print - this photograph of Battersea Power Station from the river is now a memory of the past, having completely changed since redevelopment work.  in 2022, standing at the same viewpoint where Tim stood in 1993, on the Chelsea Embankment, it is only possible to see the facade and the chimney tops.

Tim now spends most of his time working as a professional photographer of sports cars.  He has a longstanding love affair with both photography and motoring and the result is a stunning collection of unique classic, sports and racing car photos. His reputation as a leading automotive photographer has given him unparalleled access to the world's most exotic and desirable cars. His work has taken him across the globe covering numerous high profile global motorsport events; from the tracks of Goodwood, Le Mans and Spa, via the salt flats of Bonneville, to the show fields of Villa d’esme, Pebble Beach and Concorse Italiano.  Tim regularly creates corporate and editorial photographs for a range of prestigious dealers and print publications 

TimScott BatterseaPowerStation_1999_120x80cm C-Type Photo edition of 15_edited_edited.jpg
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