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Magic moon and absent gaze

Magic moon and absent gaze

ink on paper, unframed


The moon

The celestial body nearest to Earth remains magnetic and elusive at the same time.  The excitement of painting the Moon comes from engaging with its multitude of symbolic values: birth, death, perpetual renewal, the dark side of nature.  The whiteness of moonlight consists of many colors. Throughout time and different cultures, the Moon continues to incite to creative, spiritual, sexual, and prophetic disposition.


Fireflies and stars

Fireflies in the forest and stars in the night sky connect us with the wonders of childhood and fairytales.  As creatures of mystery and magic, fireflies invite the viewer to follow their luminous trail in the delicate dance between light and dark. In relation to stars, they define a nocturnal atmosphere where microcosm turns into macrocosm and vice versa.  As human beings we naturally found ourselves at the crossroad between these two dimensions.  Apart from the sea and the sky, blue is the rarest color in nature.  It is linked with eternity, supernatural beauty, religious transcendence, the beyond. 

  • Artist name

    Alvaro Petritoli

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