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ArtMovement_Martin Davidson_Muffin_oil on canvas_ 20 x 14cm.jpg


Oil on canvas

Martin Davidson trained at the Slade School of Fine Art and went on to teach printmaking at Central School of Art and Design.

Japanese art has been a major influence on his printmaking which led him to develop skills in woodcuts and linocuts. The work explores the forms and rhythms of the natural world. Starting with drawings and photographs the work goes through a process of distilling and simplifying the complexities to find a more abstract and expressive graphic equivalent. Martin is particularly interested in exploring the relationship between positive and negative mark making and also the borderline between the figurative and the abstract.

The latest paintings are Still Life, based on observation.  

For Martin, this is the most exciting and intense experience. Observing the subject, he tries to capture the essence without preconceptions. Sustained looking and drawing with paint is the most wonderful adventure for him. Once you apply brushwork with colour of right intensity, value and hue and it locks into the rest of the painting, the result is magical, creating space and giving the painting a life of its own.

Martin has exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair, RA Summer Exhibition, Stedlijk Museum, Zillah Bell gallery and the Freud Museum. His work is in a number of private and public collections in the UK and abroad including the Victoria and Albert Museum.

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