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Original oil technique paintings on linen

Polish born Izabella Kay, living in London, has painted professionally since the late 90's. She has a distinctive abstract style and has become known for her gigantic multi-canvas oil installations.​Space, time, Illusion, colour and light. These paintings attempt to explore and nurture the mystery and poetry of paint, its infinity and its narrative.​Every painting reflects a tiny fragment of life, of memory and emotion, both spiritually and physically.  The creative process for Kay is a constant experimentation with the language of colour, texture and space.  Her paintings represent an illusion of the reality surrounding us, suggesting changing moods, seasons and most of all our personal recollections.​Kay’s challenge is to unlock emotions and transform them into bold, geometric, colourful constructions, without losing their emotional charge.​"Kay's courage of putting together different colours is remarkable - primarily, she likes to be orderly before letting herself go and have fun with her feelings.  Her colour, like a haiku for her expression, holds soul, order and stability"  Estelle Lovatt (2011)​

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