Pencil vs Camera

"I have a degree in journalism. I also briefly studied graphic arts and sculpture but I'm mainly a self-taught artist. I have 18 years of professional experience as a graphic designer. I speak fluently French, English, Dutch and some bits of Polish, Spanish and Russian. 10 years ago I invented 'Pencil vs Camera' and 'Digital Circlism' In my painting, I've been deeply influenced by German Expressionism, Belgian Surrealism, American Pop Art and Social Realism.

So far, I've exhibited my work in Belgium, Great Britain, Turkey, Romania, France, Canada, USA, Germany, Brazil, South Korea, Spain and Palestine."

Ben Heine’s photographs and digital works are printed in limited editions of 5, 8 or 15. The value of each print increases as the number of prints remaining in the edition decreases.

‘Pencil vs Camera’ seamlessly matches sketching with real life settings creating remarkable and colourful images.

Originally using a Nikon D70, a pencil and simple A3 and A4 paper to bring his art to life, Ben has expanded his techniques to include 3 different methods:

 “There is the traditional way, which is to simply draw the picture and hold out your hand with the scenery behind it.  With this method I always remember that there has to be a contrast between your imagination and the reality of the photo.

The second way is slightly different in that I print a very large picture of a background scene and then place this on the wall and hold the drawing up to it.  This gives me time to re-touch my work during and after.

And the third is to use the computer to create a digital background and add a digitally drawn picture to the scene.  You have to have exceptional painting skills for this.”