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David Wheeler

Wheeler was born in Notting Hill, London, in 1952.

He studied design at Paddington College where he graduated to become a freelance graphic designer, working on various projects in London.  Here he mastered his draughtsman skills.

David now lives and works on the stunning north Cornish coast where he spends his days immersed in his studio. In the last fifteen years, this very popular artist with his entirely recognisable style has exhibited all over Europe the USA and the Far East.

David always paints in oil, influenced by the Impressionist and Scottish Colourist movements.  He takes his subjects from his observation of real life, depicting the city as a vital economic hub. The energy and movement emanating from his paintings give us the city experience not only as he sees it, but also as so many of us experience it.

“I strive to capture the spirit and mood of locations rather than a specific scene in a modern contemporary colourist style”


The guards