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Caroline Preston & Alvaro Petritoli Summer Shows

Caroline Preston: Piece by Peace

Working exclusively with paper, Caroline’s origami artworks were a natural fit for The Art Movement’s predilection for contemporary and innovative works. Since learning the art of origami from school children in Japan in exchange for English lessons over fifteen years ago, Caroline has dedicated her career to the art form, working primarily with the ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Crane’ folds, symbols of hope and change. Caroline finds that these two figures best complement the mood and philosophy of her work, bridging the dissonance between contemporary western art and ancient Japanese culture. Pieces such as the vibrant ‘Sun Swirl’ prove Caroline’s acute perception of the harmonising effect of colour gradients, whilst the elemental minimalism of ‘Light in The Shadows’ revels in what she refers to as “the uniqueness of repetition”.

Caroline’s voguish and individual interpretation of an art form so steeped in tradition is both refreshing and exciting. By designing her own paper and creating original folds Caroline ensures that her work honours the rich history of origami whilst simultaneously creating an experience of peacefulness and harmony in an avant-garde setting. This stunning exhibition provided an expertly balanced mix of contemporary design and long-established practice, a nuance that The Art Movement is keen to promote.


Upcoming Shows – Alvaro Petritoli

The Art Movement has several upcoming exhibitions, including Alvaro Petritoli’s ‘Solo’ in November. Alvaro’s fragmented and often tortured works are a product of his own subconscious, yet he encourages the viewer to “envisage their own path through this elusive network of symbolic images”. The result is a series of works that explore the intrinsic dichotomy between artist and audience, conscious and unconscious, extant and absent. Alvaro’s distinct style comes from his unique use of mixed mediums. Many of his works are created using a mixture of ink, tea, gelatin, iron powder, and paper pulp, a method by which “unexpected outcomes and even accidents are very much part of the creative process”.

Alvaro’s works vary hugely in their style, from the spectral ‘Snowscape’ to the exquisitely effervescent ’54 Miniatures: Reflected in the eye of a dragonfly’. It is precisely this fluidity that allows Alvaro to create a variety of art that inspires, terrifies, mollifies, and excites. Whilst his work is the stylistic antithesis of Caroline Preston’s, the pieces are predicated upon shared values, values that The Art Movement is committed to supporting – they are contemporary, disruptive works that challenge the notion that art is an inaccessible preserve of the wealthy.