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How To Hang Art

Now you have purchased your art, it is time to think about how to display it to its best advantage at home.

By making the most of your walls and the space available to you you can turn the walls of your house into your very own art galleries.

Keep it Simple – Geometric

For this to work, accuracy is key.  Go for symmetry and precision using the same size pictures, frames and make sure there is exactly the same distance between each piece of work.
Try it above a bed to create serenity and uniformity in the bedroom.

(c) Timothy Kolk

How High To Hang Art – Eye-Level

Most galleries will hang art approximately 58″ above ground – this is average eye-level.

Remember, the centre of the artwork, not the top of the piece of art, should hang at this height.
Also a thought, if you are hanging art in the sitting room or your children’s bedroom, you may want to consider hanging it a little lower.

Salon Style

The trend to hang multiple pieces of art on one wall is referred to as “salon style” as this was very popular in the 18th and 19th century Parisian salons.  It is a very popular style for home galleries as viewers focus on the collective effect instead of individual pieces.
Why does it work?
This style allows you to group seemingly random elements but which have a shared feature; the frame colour, a splash of blue, ivory background etc. which means the collection will feel cohesive and well curated.  It also means you can create a considered display using different size art works.

(c) Timothy Kolk