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When Art met Fashion: New York Fashion Week 2017

Several shows at this year’s NYC Fashion Week took place inside art venues and museums and they proved to be fantastic stages on which to exhibit the latest designs.  Oscar de la Renta took over Sotheby’s and the models descended down the escalators and Carolina Herrera produced an open-air runway show at the Museum of Modern Art’s sculpture garden.

Herrera is the first designer to take over MoMA and we were surprised no one had used this space before.  The botanical-filled garden was just as much centre stage as the clothes.  Carolina believes “Fashion is art in movement” and so for her the venue was an easy choice.  The show itself was an explosion of colour with vibrant pieces everywhere.  The designer wanted her Spring/Summer 18 collection to be a celebration of colour and she certainly achieved this with her latest designs; glamorous and feminine silhouettes, bright hues of red, iris, yellow and oranges littered the catwalk.

Caroline Herrera at MoMA

“Colour is powerful.  Colour makes you think in a different way – like when you see paintings.  That’s why I say fashion and art are similar.”

But is fashion art? This debate has been going on for decades with different designers arguing for each side.  John Paul Gaultier is famous for saying that fashion is not art. Never. But Herrera, Zandra Rhodes (director of the Design Museum) would violently disagree.