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Passpartout: The Starving Artist

Passpartout is a painting simulation game which puts you into the shoes of a French artist trying to navigate the beautifully confusing art scene. Paint and sell your own art to survive your expensive wine and baguette addiction.

Passpartout The Starving Artist (c) Steampowered

In this game you have to splatter some canvases in the most talented way you can and hope that the discerning critics (the public) will notice your genius and creativity.

Remember those days of creating art in Microsoft Paint? Well it’s like that… Only better.

Paint, design and draw your way out of your garage (the starting venue) unlocking new ‘tools’ at every stage when the public purchase your art.  Then the critic arrives.  Oh dear.  It was at this stage that we began to panic – were our brush strokes good enough? Thankfully yes and we find ourselves at the next level which is very trendy, “Shoreditch-esq” gallery and are gifted with a new tool to add to our repertoire; a pen.

Passpartout is a fun, addictive game which indulges in your childish fantasies of selling those MS Paint creative works (the ones you printed out for your parents hoping they would frame them but ended up stuck on the fridge and then politely dropped into the bin) and really does a decent job of replicating the frustrations and concerns of being a painter, and we aren’t ashamed to say that we love it.

Fancy pitting your skills against the critics – download it here:

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