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Riviera: Sky’s Sexy Super-Rich Art Thriller

“Riviera” is a new series brimming with sex, art, money, murder and scandal set in the glamorous, sun-soaked world of the French Riviera, the playground of the super rich.

Julia Stiles stars as Georgina Clios, the wife of billionaire Constantine Clios who was hired to curate his art collection following her studies at the Courtauld Institute in London. Following her husband’s murder she is plunged into the dark world of the Riviera’s elite and she must learn to adapt, survive and thrive to save the family and their fortune. However, little does she know that her husband had entered into a world of money laundering and art fraud in order to save his clients’ investments.

Julia Stiles in Neil Jordan’s Riviera

Art Crime…

One of the issues facing the art markets are that dealers and galleries need to respect some vendor’s requests to remain unidentified – otherwise they will simply take their business elsewhere. There are legitimate reasons for this; generally security reasons. However many collectors, and the team at the Art Movement count ourselves among them, believe increased regulation and transparency will boost the art market through enforcing greater accountability and in doing so bringing in greater customer protection.

“Forged” art (in it’s “legal” form if you can call it that) is more commonplace then you may believe for individuals who own multi-million pound works of art. It is not unusual for the owner to have a copy produced of a multi-million pound painting to hang on the wall whilst the original is stashed safely away in the vaults of a Swiss Private Bank.

So, is the high end Art Market the world’s last unregulated market, as Riviera tries to depict? We look forward to seeing how the series unfolds, but please remember that this is a work of fiction…


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