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Affordable Art Fair x Liberty London Pop-Up

The Affordable Art Fair Pop-Up at Liberty London featuring Dominic Harris’ work from the series “Portrait Of A City Standing Very Still.”

A Tale Of Two Cities Exhibition Summer 2017

The Affordable Art Fair continues to go from strength to strength so this summer they are having their first ever pop up event to be held at the iconic Liberty London shop from Wednesday 28th June to Sunday 9th July 2017.  The exhibition, entitled “A Tale of Two Cities” will include a range of original, contemporary limited-edition prints, paintings and photography.

We are thrilled to announce that one of our artists, Dominic Harris, has had one of his pictures selected for this inaugural event.  We have shown his work for 18 years, most recently at Affordable Art Fair in NYC.

The two works selected for this exhibition are limited edition photographs which formed part of the series: “Portrait of a City: Standing Very Still”

Carnaby Street

This series starts with an anonymous advert on an internet site asking for strangers to suggest a time, date and place within London zones 1 and 2 and then turn up and stand very still.

Each portrait takes place within 10 minutes of the time given and the chosen, un-retouched image is sent by email with a consistent note thanking them for taking part in the project. Each work is labelled with a series number, the subject’s first name (if they turned up), place, time and date.

Oxford Circus

Shot digitally but shown here as salt prints: the earliest type of photographic prints. Invented by William Henry Fox Talbot in 1840, they are made by soaking paper in a salt solution, coating with silver nitrate and then exposing to sunlight. The series is in an edition of 5 but each print is unique and hand printed on Fabriano archival paper.