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Accessorising Art

Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons – The Masters Collection

Over the last two years, Louis Vuitton & Jeff Koons have persuaded the keepers of the world’s most prized art to allow the paintings to be reproduced on Louis Vuitton’s iconic bags.  In doing so they have transformed some of the world’s most lusted over ‘It’ bags into modern day masterpieces.

These bags are a 21st century celebration of the art we are in danger of losing with ever developing modern minds and tumbling museum attendance records.  Koons has brought imagery from his ‘Gazing Ball’ paintings in which he has reproduced large-scale hand-painted works by the Old Masters.

Reuban’s “The Tiger Hunt” and Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” are just two of the iconic works of art which Koons & Vuitton have chosen to celebrate with this new collaboration; Modernising the Masters.

Fragonard: Girl With A Dog (c. 1770) – Born in Grasse in 1732, Jean-Honore Fragonard won the prix de Rome aged 20

Reubens: The Tiger Hunt (1616) – Reubens won a place at Antwerp painters ‘Guild of St Luke’ at 20 and became a key artist of the Flemish Baroque

Titan: Mars, Venus & Cupid (1546) – Titan was born in Venice around 1488.  He was sent as a child to apprentice with the Bellini brothers before becoming the official painter of the Venetian Republic

Van Gogh: A Wheatfield with Cypresses (1889) – Born in Holland, Van Gogh moved to France where he met Paul Gauguin.  They travelled to the South of France to paint before falling out and parting ways

These bags are a celebration of the artist over the art which is rare to see in fashion and collaborations such as this. 

On the inside of each bag Koons and Vuitton have chosen to include a brief history of each artist; where they were born, what influenced them during their lives and some brief information on the work of art itself.