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By Olga Brown

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Artist Biography

Olga brown was born in Ukraine and received a MA in Art and Textiles from the Academy of Fine Art, Lviv, Ukraine in 1982. Since 1997 she has worked and lived in London, winning Chelsea Art Society Agnes Reeve Award (2009) for the best painting in London.

Her landscape paintings are impressionistic and colourful, her cityscapes embracing all the noise and chaos of modern life. Using London’s ubiquitous and iconic transportation, Brown adds flashes of black and red to her scenes, which are always full of people and never content to depict architecture alone. Using thick brushstrokes and rich colour manipulation, her paintings of London capture the vivacity of Britain’s capital city in all its guises.

Her recent figurative work introduces a new theme in her art, exploring ideas of escapism through elegance and movement. Inspired by both the Old Masters and modern photography, her enigmatic subjects are immersed in the contemplative world of their dreams and desires, caught as if in snapshot in a single atmospheric moment.

The theme is both poetic and sensual, but Brown does not dictate; free interpretation is encouraged, allowing the viewer to play the part of both voyeur and storyteller. In each image, a female figure is presented with meticulous, detailed composition. She appears separated from this world, her strangeness drawing the viewer in and inviting wonder: Who is she?  What moment has been captured? The paintings are full of an emotional intensity, created through the luminous figures which contrast against bold black backgrounds, and ever apparent is the artist’s fascination with textiles; her intimate exploration of them in these paintings creating a rich landscape that interacts that provides the opportunity for fascinating interplay with the light.

Brown exhibits extensively at galleries in the UK and abroad, including prestigious galleries such as the Royal College of Art; She has also participated in regional and national group shows, as well as competitions at local art galleries and centres.

Artwork Details


40 x 75cm


Oil on canvas